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Born or Made

“Leaders are not born or made - they are self made.” Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Not unlike the idea postulated by Stephen Covey, I, too, believe that great salespersons are self-made.

Firstly, everyone of us possesses the ability to sell. It’s innate in all of us. Watch how a young child try to convince her father to buy her the next popular doll or a young man “selling” to his father the virtue of a 2 door sports car for his 17th birthday or an interviewed candidate, convincing his would be employers and you will see sales tactics deployed.

Secondly, you can train a person in every single sales tactics or processes possible but if he or she is not convinced that sales is for him or her, those trainings will be of a little use. In fact, they would come across as insincere or worse not trustworthy.

Therefore, I believe with all my heart that to be a great salesperson, you have to be wanting it, you have to have a passion for it and you have to see how sales can be your vehicle of hope, hope for better things ahead.

You will have to be self-made.

With this newsletter, it is my desire to share my thoughts, experience and expertise in helping you to be a great salesperson. And it is my fervent hope that it will also lead you to be a successful, well-liked and celebrated professional salesperson.

Thank you and speak soon,

Ivan Yong

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